Driving Leads for tech & SaaS Companies

Fede Scotti

Growth Marketing Specialist

About me

I am a specialist in Growth Marketing B2B specifically for companies in the Tech and Saas sector.

I build the lead path for Tech & SaaS

Today, I confidently affirm that my greatest expertise lies in lead generation for the Tech sector. It has consistently been my forte, providing me with a sense of comfort, confidence, and security. As a meticulous marketer, I thrive on meticulous planning. I firmly believe that any endeavor, before investing valuable time and resources, must undergo a well-crafted plan.

I am an incredibly patient individual, diligently working like an ant to reach the desired lead. I meticulously analyze the current situation of the company, including its market, competition, and collaborators. I delve into its internal workings, understanding its processes and relationships. I am an extremely thorough analyst, scrutinizing everything from surface-level details to the deepest insights.

I utilize various lead tracking methodologies and prospecting tools such as Prospecting Canvas, LinkedIn, Waalaxy, Lemlist, and more. To amplify the search efforts, I leverage SEM campaigns across Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. Tailored actions are executed for each segmented list, ensuring a close and personalized follow-up with every lead.

What I do

From 4 to 10 or even more individuals can be involved in the decision-making process to acquire a new system or carry out an upgrade. My role is to identify these key stakeholders and provide them with personalized support through growth marketing actions:

Narrowed prospecting

What is our buyer persona for each segment? What pain points do they have? What desires do they need? Does our offer serve to fulfill their desires and address their pain points?


What path do we need to take to reach our buyer? Is automation necessary? How much can we automate? What channels do we need to approach the lead? What digital tools can help us?

Approaching the lead

What content am I going to use to offer solutions to my leads? How much am I willing to invest? How personalized should the content be? Does the content meet the desires of the lead?

Building the paths to Lead for Tech and SaaS companies


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My Experience


Accion Point

Digital Marketing Analyst Sr

I lead the Digital Marketing efforts for lead generation. I manage agencies involved in demand generation and the website. I oversee LinkedIn and Google Ads campaigns. I am responsible for Zoho CRM, assigning leads coming from selected channels and executing email campaigns.



Web & Marketing Digital

Development of WordPress websites for startups, primarily focused on e-commerce. Digital marketing services, including Google Ads, Account-Based Marketing, and marketing strategies. Online sales of websites and team organization.



Product A. Manager

I led the Audio and Video marketing area, direct contact with Korea and several trips. I was responsible for developing and executing the Marketing Plan. I conducted product presentations to clients and large-scale presentations in various countries.


Companies I worked for